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Title: HOI IV: Orijinal Oyun Sahipleri
Normal Mod
Katya whispered into Seryozha's ear and left the room picking up all the linen. When asked how everything went, Kate replied:
I began to pull the jeans down, but they treacherously wrapped around her legs, not wanting to slip, oh, this women's tight-fitting clothes. In the end, I had to pull them down one leg at a time, and the first thing that pleased me so much was no, no, not what you thought, I’m not talking about what she had in her panties, by the way they were black and although the tubercle there seemed to be guessed, I put it aside for a couple of seconds and admired her legs. They were so smooth and so light, not the slightest flaw. I grabbed her ass with both hands, she turned out to be so small, but so tender and warm under her panties!
The head entered the girl's throat, and she choked in surprise.
link.. Elizabeth had no choice, she looked into Herc's eyes and then at his cock, and tilted her head towards the cock, she began to suck him slowly at first, and then accelerating. Herc rolled his eyes, at that moment it seemed to him that this was the best blowjob that had ever been given to him. He stroked her hair, supported her by the head and gently guided her. He liked it very much. A few more moves and Gerk finished. Since he believed that only whores cum in the mouth or on the face, he took his cock from her and finished Elizabeth on her chest. Then he kissed her passionately and laid her on the bed.
Why is this? (Heard from the living room)
When we were alone, Lina opened her dressing gown, under which she was only in panties, so thin that they were almost invisible, and began to pull off my trousers. A few seconds, and I stood in front of her completely naked. Lina herself took a condom in her hand and deftly pulled it over my already stiff cock.
"Great finish. And now sleep. Tomorrow we will repeat."
I want more petting!
Everything is fine, Maria Vladimirovna.
I love this position, when I'm not tired - put your feet on the sides of a man, tuck your penis into yourself, spread your knees wide and, leaning on his hips, set the heat. Not every man is ready for this: the sight of his own penis, stuck in the vagina of a luxurious woman, makes him finish quickly. But if he is hardy, in this position I can get the most penetration - all the way to the uterus - from a member of almost any length.
Look, to be honest, you always look very good and I even somehow get a little lost.
"Shut your mouth and stand up!" Otherwise, the call will go right now - I was not going to spare my birdie. Now she is in my clutches. And I'm not a monster ... worse :)
go here.. She calmed down a little and immediately took my penis with her hand, ran it over it several times, then reached for the open lubricant and, before squeezing it into her hand, removed the pillow from under her, and transplanted me onto herself in such a way that her already calmed down, all wet cock was under me. She, holding a portion of lubricant in her hand, grabbed my cock with her fist and began to move up and down the very head, sometimes bringing her hand to the very base. After some time, I was already at the limit, the head was filled so that the penis no longer relaxed for a second, Anya made a few more movements, at the moment when I was about to start to finish, she abruptly removed her right hand from the penis. I'm all tensed up to the limit, so what does she do!
There were a couple of days left before departure, and my stepmother went with me to the store to buy summer clothes. Another interesting story happened in the store. Taking a few dresses, Tanya went to the fitting room. I started to like her pranks, which really excited me, so I decided to fool around this time. After warning my stepmother that I'd be back with a surprise, I left the store and headed to the grocery store's warehouse, which was being renovated. There I met two young guys, Kolya and Zhenya. The guys lived out the tiles. Both were tall and athletic. I asked them to help me choose a dress for my friend and they agreed. At first I puzzled them with my request, I also found where to look for fashion experts. But having learned that they would have to look at a half-naked girl, they happily agreed. We returned to the store and went to the fitting rooms. Tanya opened the door. She was wearing a light white dress, shoes and tights. Tanya thanked the guys for agreeing to help and made friends in the first dress. Then she took it off without closing the fitting room door. The stepmother was without a bra, so Kolya and Zhenya looked through the mirror at her big elastic boobs. Tanya put on a blue dress, even shorter than the first one.
It's not a hindrance. If you give him a blowjob, he will be very pleased. It's exotic for him. He once drove a woman in a car, and she gave him a blowjob in gratitude. He was so pleased that he even told me about it, he could not resist.
Well, how are you, dear? Is my neighbor good? she asked.
One spring day, after class, Nastya quietly whispered in her ear that she needed to talk and that I should follow her, she, to my great surprise, led me to the toilet and closed the cubicle door. Then she looked at me and said:

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